How can I register ?

1. use the referral link of the person that supplied the information
2. click on Registration
3. enter all the required information
4. click Register
5. you will receive an mail with activation link you should click on for approval
6. To be positioned in the matrix,
after registration you need enter in your user panel
and click on [ Buy advertising space 18€ ].
7. After you click this, you have to pay in next 48 hours. If not, system will delete you. You can make another registration after.
8. Please be sure that after registration you met additional information in your profile, especially information for payment processors to receive payments.

How do I pay?

1. Log into your account
2. Click Buy advertising space 18 Eur
3. Copy an certain username or email of the recipient
4. Log in to your account of certain payment processor
5. Complete your payment (you can copy the transaction ID – reference number)
6. Return to User Panel at site and click “I paid” next to payment processor you used


How to confirm the incoming payment ?

1. Every time when you receive a payment from someone , you are required to confirm it
2. When someone pays , you get the mail , the information about it
3. Check in your PP account if payment is actually made
4. If so , go to your Dashboard and click on the amount next to the name of the paying person.