Program Quartermillion offers the possibility of advertising and additional profits at the same time . Each user buys ad space for each level . Payment is ” a member to member ” , which means that each existing member sells ad space to new member who bought the position within its structure in the matrix . No cost to the system , then this is NOT a pyramid scheme , it is not illegal pyramid . For your money you paid any of the existing members, a fixed scheme , the user program receives the service – placing an ad that wants to form a banner .
Total revenue potential is 250,000 euros , or quartermillion . A member can not take more than one positions , but can enter the family member . Who wants increase the earning potential to eg . One million euros , can be taken to enter 3 more relatives . For the filling 3 level required is a total of only 14 enrolled . The system distributes the members so that each member can have up to 2 members linked directly below. They come also to enroll in one’s link , so when we have two members , the third ( and all subsequent ) fall into the next level and so on . So that members receive or direct enrollment or spillover ( pouring ) . It is theoretically enough to enroll a member and regularly upgraded , if you do not want anyone to enter . When entering the next phase , repeated the same article . Only the 14 members paid their sponsor consecutive order for 3 levels in each stage .
After registering, be sure to make the payment within 48 hours. This is necessary in order not to occupied positions in the matrix, someone who wants to pay. After that position will be freed. Therefore, if someone’s over a link in a relatively short time entered more than two members, the third and each subsequent will be transferred to the next available position in the matrix, and the “owner” link will receive a bonus and it will be “returned” another member at the first opportunity…

For example , let’s take one conservative plan – member has two registered in the first following month after your own entries . Of course he can have a lot more , but for this simulation we will take only 2 registered members.
This means  each level for a full month . This is really real , because for 30 days each should be entered only two direct members ( personal enrollment , Spillover , anyway … ) Therefore, the XY enrolled in May ( this was for him the prime month ) His two members in Juny ( the first month ) …
When we consider that all upgraded when earnings at the previous level is more than is needed for the next payment , then we need to pay per level will happen in each time unit ( for example, we have taken that time unit = 1 month) . Of course this time unit can be theoretical  one week or one day , but let’s be humble , take into account that many members  think and work slowly . Therefore, it is important to build only , which have both the regulated system.
Based on this , given that no one upgrade before he earned more than it needs to upgrade (  can but have not) , the receipt of payments table looks like this :


SLOW                                                     You want it faster ? Look at this column

1st month              36 euros                      1st week
3rd month           128                                 3rd week
6th month           336                                1,5th MONTH
7th month           160                                 7th week
9th month           564                                9th week

12th month       1776                                 3rd MONTH
13th month         600                               13th week
15th month       3400                               15th week
18th month       8000                              4,5th MONTH
19th month       2600                               19th week
21st month       9200                                21th week
24th month     23200                               6th MONTH
25th month       6400                               25th week
27th month     22400                               27th week
30th month     51200                               7,5th MONTH
31st month     14200                                31st week
33rd month     33800                              33rd week
36th month     72000                               9th MONTH

TOTAL : 250000 euros

Isn’t it wonderful to enroll , invest 18 euros, and in 3 years , gradually , to earn a quarter-million , 250,000 euros ? And this earnings start NOW ? Make sure to make a lot faster. .
Acceleration and sustainability of the system In order to prevent ” choking ” the matrix , the system has built-in rule that every member is obliged to upgrade the moment when his earnings exceed the required payment for the next level in the amount of at least 30 % . If a member fails to make the upgrade within 7 days, payment of which was to get going respectively to qualified members of the above , up to three such members . This is necessary to prevent them from happening to a member has no one to pay , but at the same time it is fair because the upgrade is conditional only when the member earned min . 30 % more than it needs for the next payment.